White Rabbit?


What if what we were seeing in or about another person wasn’t accurate? What if what we were seeing was being seen through a filter of our interpretation?

Imagine having something over your eyes where you could still see, however, what you were looking at had a tint of color, brown, blue, pink, any color, that changed the appearance of what you were looking at.

Picture looking at a white rabbit through a rose or brown filter. In reality, the rabbit is white and not to you. It’s absolutely rose or brown.

Consider that there are things you see differently than before; the judgment or strong opinion about what was wrong with that person is no longer present. What might you be seeing now that could change if you changed your filter of seeing?

The journey of Awakening, is an experience of attitudinal healing, of becoming a clear human being. The filters of perception drop away and we see that the rabbit is indeed white.

May We All Walk in Beauty

White Rabbit

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