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Self-Mastery Insight Session

Where are you going? What direction of life are you taking in this cycle?

We move through astrological cycles throughout our lifetime. Some are easier, some more challenging.

A Self-Mastery Insight Session tells you which Astrological Cycle you are in (your current Dasha) and informs you how to better navigate it. Then you and Ahalya will cover how to prepare for the next cycle.

Required: Birth date, exact time of birth, and city and state of birth.

Thirty-minute Session: $52.00

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Price: $ 52.00
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Self-Mastery and Shamanism Session

Healing Divination that allows for more clarity on our journey. A session offers connection divinely guided from our Soul’s Wisdom; to understand one’s own unique process better and to more clearly move forward with a sense of peace and possibility.

A Soul Reading provides you with an opportunity to address a specific situation or to have a broader picture of your life journey. The session begins with a conversation about what is important to you followed by my work on your behalf. A time is set for the second call wherein I explain what occurred and is a time for Spiritual mentoring, and any questions you may have.

The session includes a Astrological Overview, Soul Retrieval, Extraction Healing, Healing Divination and Self-Mastery Mentoring.

Initial introduction call proceeding healing work done by Ahalya. Followed with a one-hour call explaining the work done on behalf of the client and answer questions: 


 Required: Birth date, exact time of birth, and city and state of birth.

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Price: $ 500.00
$ 0.00

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Further Explanation of Services

SOUL RETRIEVAL: Restores life essence or vital force to us (Personal Power or Medicine).

When we experience trauma, such as an accident, ill health, emotional pain or suffering, pieces of our soul (as in life force) fragment from a desire to avoid pain. What fragments is the healthy, stronger part of us. A Soul Retrieval returns the fragmented pieces to the individual, contributing to their strength, well-being and greater clarity.

EXTRACTION HEALING: Clears blocked energies, restoring the innate power of self-

Physical pain, emotional upset and lethargy are indicators that something is out of balance. Extraction Healing moves stuck energy creating a flow so that natural self- healing occurs. The resulting experience is one of releasing what is no longer needed and the ability to breathe, move and think more freely occurs.