My Philosophy

We are meant to live rich lives of joy and purpose; to attain our maximum evolution as soul and full expression as a human being. Self-Mastery is attainable to everyone as long as they are willing to do the work.  Innate Greatness is within each of us, waiting to be discovered, to blossom, bloom and grow.

There is no separation between our life in the world and our spiritual life; we are the common denominator in all aspects of our life experience. Life is a journey of Self-Discovery; as we become more Awake and Aware, our life experience changes for the better.

We are a sum total of our experiences and the interpretation we make of them; our story. Our life is a reflection of our programming, thoughts, feelings and belief systems which developed from our life experience; most of which we are not consciously aware of. This is apparent when we consider there are things we would like to change and no matter how hard we have tried have not been able to.

The Teachings and Programs, along with Self-Mastery Mentor Coaching are a culmination of my training for over 45 years in Human Potential, Eastern Occult Doctrine, Metaphysics and Shamanism. This includes esoteric Ancient and Ageless Wisdom and modern approaches such as neuroscience of our brain and physiology.

The only thing more difficult than changing and growing is settling and staying the same; ending up wishing we had done something and that things were different than they turned out to be.

While each of us must walk our own path to Higher Consciousness, we cannot do it alone.  In the seeking, the larger questions may be Who am I or What is my Purpose, equally important and fundamental to developing Self Mastery is, What do I want to change? What do I want to create? Are my needs and values in alignment with my goals? How do I go about achieving my life’s purpose and attain my Soul’s Destiny? How do I live my life to not have regrets?

My intention is to be Useful to others on their journey to Self-Mastery, assisting them in the Evolution to Higher Consciousness, in their own context. There is a Wisdom Teaching that says, Do not walk in the footsteps of the saints and sages; seek what they sought.

Ultimately, we are meant to stand tall and noble among our fellow humanity, to Know who we are, and to live the destiny we intended when we came into this glorious life.

May We All Walk in Beauty.