Self-Mastery Mentoring™

Self Mastery Mentoring™ is an approach which addresses the soul’s destiny through the attainment of spiritual connection and accomplishment in life. As a Spiritual Teacher and Medicine Woman Ahalya works with both the inner dimensions of intuitive wisdom knowledge and the practicality required to successfully function in the world of responsible, daily living. Along the journey we discover our blind spots, experience who we are, discover what drives us and what makes us happy; and ultimately, how to live fully. In the journey of Awakening shifts happen and life becomes new, rich, full of joy and purpose.

Would you like to advance in your clarity and evolution? Do you want to be more effective and empowered in your life?  Do you long to assist those close to you to feel empowered in their own lives?

Ahalya has created a profound mentoring structure that allows spiritual seekers to work in an intimate group of like-minded people at a very affordable price. 

Spiritual Mentoring is a personal guided study of you, your life, and how to be a greater expression of yourself in all areas of your life experience. The group setting allows everyone to support and contribute to each other; seeing each other’s greatness and learning from each other.

Learn ancient and ageless wisdom along with modern concepts for breakthrough of self-limiting ways of being.

Participate in this transformative process over 6 bi-weekly Zoom Video meetings to lift your spirits, brighten your soul and find fulfillment and purpose in your life.

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Payment can be made in 6 installments of $49. Please call Nalini (Gina God) at 585.469.4581