My Journey

The home I never thought I would leave was Northern California. I was born, raised and lived there most of my life. In 2001 I sold everything and moved to a small town in New York State to offer my Life’s Work differently and to be close to my Spiritual Mentor and Guide. The moving company said we moved just 29 miles short of ocean to ocean. It was time for me to embrace the next step of my journey. There have been many steps along the way, some big, some small and some I did not recognize at the time.

When I was a much younger woman I went to see a psychologist to sort out a few things in my life. When I told my good friend she asked me why I was seeing a therapist. I replied that I wanted to be a better person to which she replied you are a great person already. To which I replied, I don’t think I am not a great person; I just want to be a better person. She didn’t get it and actually neither did I. It took me years to realize in hindsight that what I was looking for was the elusive life of joy, purpose and fulfillment: a relationship to my own Inner Self.

I can’t say that was the beginning of my journey, however, it was a key indicator that I was becoming clearer about what I wanted for my life.  I had already been a Human Potential Trainer which began my process of self-discovery in a conscious, focused manner. Soon after that I met my Spiritual Mentor who I have been with for thirty-five years as of this writing. All in all I have been doing sadhana for over forty-six years; sadhana is Sanskrit for the practice of some form of spiritual discipline in the seeking of one’s greatest unfoldment, God or Enlightenment.

My greatest learning has been with my Teacher and Spiritual Guide. When we hear terms such as “sitting at the feet of the master,” there is often this lofty idealism of master-to-student bestowing of Grace that is full of bliss and joy. While I certainly have experienced enormous dozes of Grace that manifested into bliss and joy, I have also been challenged to face myself, naked without weapons, as the saying goes. It has not always been easy. It has always been beneficial , transformative and absolutely fulfilling.

My life journey has taken me through the magnificent experience of raising two sons, whom I admire and adore. I would not be who I am without their teaching me. Now I have two beautiful daughters-in-law and five terrific granddaughters. All of them inspire me to continue growing and make me grateful for their presence in my life.

Learning and growing has always been my foremost intention; never to really be arrived at some destination, all the while creating a more fulfilling life experience. I love my life. My Life’s Work is to support others to create the life they love.

I know that Self Mastery is available for anyone who is willing to do the work. There really is no short cut, no one can do it for you, not even a Master.

Self-Mastery is a state of evolution attained through deep self-inquiry. It is being a Clear human being, knowing who you are in relationship to the world and to your Greater Self. Self-Mastery is a process whereby you become your Authentic Self.

Most folks would like to have a better sense of their possibility, to be a an even greater expression of themselves, to be more fulfilled, what some might call being happier. This is not only possible, it is what we are meant to achieve ~ a life full of joy and purpose.

I was fortunate to be shown that within each of us is an innate greatness meant to come out; a more shining, victorious version of ourselves.  I have dedicated my life to understanding human nature with all its greatest potential. Now I teach and mentor those who wish to create a life of joy and purpose in their own context; those who aspire for their own Self Mastery.  I spend my time teaching, mentoring, writing, being with my loved ones and enjoying my life’s adventure.