Seeing Believing ~ Believing Seeing

You see what you believe.  

If you are not clear about what you believe, notice what you are seeing in your life, relationships, and the world as a whole. This is not necessarily an easy task.

In this age of communication, we are familiar with sayings, quotes, even sutras. So familiar, we think we know what they mean.

Some folks embrace, to see it is to believe it. Many have become more aware of how their beliefs, patterns and thoughts determine their experience in life.  So, more aware folks think in terms of, what we believe we see.

The challenge is that knowing what you believe is often unclear. In this context, the term believing, refers to your view of life; of you, of others, how you think things should be and should not be; what you consider right and wrong, good and bad. Our life experience reveals our beliefs.

I often witness folks feeling challenged when considering what they believe; oh, wait, let me think about it, hmmm, well…… Or, they think they believe something and a little probing brings realization that no, that’s how I used to believe or that’s what the people I grew up with believe. Now I have a different experience and with that the old beliefs fall away.

We need go no further than our daily life experience to discover our beliefs. If we find need for change in what we are seeing (we want different outcome), we look to see how we can change our perspective and have a new way of believing so we see something new and better.

So, which is it for you? Seeing is Believing or Believing is Seeing?

May We All Walk in Beauty

3 thoughts on “Seeing Believing ~ Believing Seeing

  1. Thank you Ahalya,
    I think we see what we believe. and I think that is a difficult thing to alter, but it is possible!

  2. Wow…is that a deep subject! Having just returned from the Yellowstone trip, a week in a motorhome with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter (being very visible as I deal with the ups and downs of each day’s Parkinson’s adventure), I’m in a bit of disarray. Once I know where my “stuff” is again, I promise to spend more time on my thoughts in detail, but (like most things in life) the truth is probably somewhere in the middle…a little bit of both (seeing is believing AND believing is seeing). It will be interesting to give it thought from the perspective of the four generations of women in my family…my grandddaughter (age 9), my daughter (age 45), myself (age 74), and my mother (age 95 and about to go on Hospice)…thanks for the food for thought!

    • Hi Jayanti ~ it is a deep subject. The key is to discover what our beliefs are and we can do that by observing what we “see” in life. How we assess, our judgments, opinions…. Then we have the possibility of discovering some way of seeing that does not serve us and begin to move to what does. Thank you for the comment. Much Love!

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