Tired Label

Every day, every person, every experience is a lesson for us about us. We need look no further than ourselves. Even small new perspectives can greatly change our experience in a most empowering way.

For example, there was a time not long ago when I was extremely tired. Really consistently tired. While this distinct tiredness finally healed, I noticed there were still times I felt tired for no explicable reason. In hindsight I realized I habitually grabbed a label, “feeling tired”; then, of course, I became more tired.

Recently I had an epiphany. What if I was mislabeling my experience?

I thought of my teenage granddaughter when she comes downstairs first thing after waking up in the morning. When greeted, she always replied, “I’m tired.” One day, I asked her if she would consider that what she was labeling as being tired, was in fact not yet being awake. Some folks wake up quickly. Some don’t. She agreed that was indeed the case.

I realized that what I had continued to label as tired, was, in reality, a calling to be not engage in anything external.

What I was labeling as tired was a strong pull to be quiet and still.  I was able to make the distinction between being tired and this experience I labeled as being tired. I’m not so tired anymore.

This small new awareness has made me even more aware of how labeling anything creates our experience. So, I am asking myself what I might reframe or relabel in order to have a new more empowering experience. The process of discovering can be subtle; the discoveries can bring freedom.

Consider what you might reframe or relabel?

May We All Walk in Beauty.

2 thoughts on “Tired Label

  1. This is such a powerful concept…our internal self-talk. I really need to pay attention to this in my life, where physical cycles of Parkinson’s need my focus throughout any given day. Thank you for this reminder to stay aware of what I say and think (and perhaps exaggerate ?) in conversation with myself.

    • Thank you, Jayanti. Good point about exaggerating. We not only exaggerate, we create them ~ and then we go about proving them. We human beings are a funny ~ and amazing lot! 😊 <3

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