Zen Gateway in Nature

I watch the invisible movement as the vines thread their way up the trellis. One moment they are here, the next moment there. These are vines of unknown origin, untamed and untethered. They came uninvited; their sole purpose is to climb.

The vines made me think of my own journey. Without disciplining the vines in the direction of the trellis they will go every which way, at times their tendrils grabbing onto something that takes them down instead of up. Or they get entangled in whatever is around them and fade into a non-descript existence; not being seen for themselves.

The vines remind me of our human journey. Climbing is instinctual ~ deep within us is the innate desire to be the best version of ourselves ~ sometimes we call it being happy and fulfilled. Sometimes we call it being Awake. Yet, like vines we need guidance to go in the direction that will bring out that best version of ourselves ~ to become Awake.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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