Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me is what we need to figure out about each other. 

It’s a title of a book and a movie based on a true story. It’s one of those films I wish more folks would take the time to watch.  Same Kind of Different as Me is a compelling story of the resilience of the human spirit and vastness of our capacity to truly love.

It reminds us that we really don’t know another person’s story; given their circumstances where would we be?  It reminds us to not be so quick to judge, to have an opinion of right/wrong, good/bad.

While the story reveals the horror and injustice of racisms, the overlying message is about the power of love to heal and change people and circumstances for the better.

Love is an Action word and the heroine of this story imbibes it; teaches by example and heals those around her.

Take the time to expand your perspective by checking out this true story of human victory displayed in several of the characters. It reminds us to see the humanity and Light of God in each other ~ all of us.

May We All Walk in Beauty

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