Sand Dunes



Imagine watching a movie. The protagonist is crawling across a vast desert, fingers digging into the hot sand to move forward, clinging to the last thread of hope that help is just over the next rise ~ only to see the endless down and up of more sand dunes mocking him.

We can see on the screen that the hero of the story is one rise away from sliding down into the oasis. Victory.

But our hero can only see what is right in front of him ~ the endless obstacle of sand. The defeat and pain of his journey overshadow his will. We can see him giving up. He stops crawling. He feels only failure and lays his head down.

Our hands grip our chair arms. We think, No!  Keep going. You are so close. Just keep going; your victory is over the next rise!  We are rooting for him. Don’t give up! We know something you don’t know. We know there is an oasis.

This is one of those movies written with alternate endings. You choose. And like our own hero’s journey, we have alternate endings. Life is a play of consciousness and we write the script.

May We All Walk in Beauty

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