The Hundred Year Question




We can ask ourselves, is what is going on for me right now going to matter in a hundred years?  The answer is likely, no.

However, what does matter in a hundred years is how we respond to what is occurring now. We create our Destiny. This is of course if one believes in evolution, cause and effect (karma) and reincarnation. If there is no belief in these concepts then perhaps it doesn’t matter except for our immediate experience.

Our immediate experience is important though. Cause and effect are always at play whether you believe in a long-term consequence or not. So, whether you feel what is occurring now will matter in a hundred years isn’t relevant. What is, is what you can do in the moment to create a better response that brings you peace instead of suffering.

If we consider that when we ask ourselves will this matter in a hundred years, we can step back from what is occurring and realize we are likely making something more important than it really is. In the larger picture of our existence, is this thing that is occurring paramount to my existence. Or is it simply an experience from which I can learn and grow?

May We All Walk in Beauty


3 thoughts on “The Hundred Year Question

  1. I am always talking about the importance of being present and how this process creates our future. Intellectually, I get it. However, practicing what I am preaching has had it’s many challenging moments. The mind loves to leave the now and wander into the past and wonder about the future.
    The paradox for me has been that when I am present I am at peace. When I am in the past I can be a bit sad and depressed and when I am in the future I can be a bit anxious. Why then do I spend time in places that can cause me to suffer instead of spending this time in a peaceful place–the now?!
    Thank you so my friend for this beautiful message and reminder of the value and importance of now.
    I will continue to endeavor to practice what I preach! :]

    • Thank you so much my friend. I think not being present is habitual and most folks have no idea they aren’t. Or even what that actually means. So, for me, just becoming aware of not having been present is a victory. Being present feels like communion with the Now, whether meditating or eating pizza.

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