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Often a fitting answer to a question is, It’s complicated. It’s a mystery. While that could be my answer because I really don’t know, it is often my answer because we human beings are complex mechanisms.

Just do this, whatever is being prescribed as a solution, might be the one answer that is needed in a moment, however, to evolve Wholistically (body, mind, soul, spirit, emotions) takes a balancing of processes and focused inner work.

Ultimately we need to do something in the moment that assists us to move toward wholeness; versus sitting in pain and suffering and asking “why?”.

The journey of Awakening is not easy. It requires enormous amounts of self-effort, letting go of being comfortable and the willingness to embrace the apprehension and inconveniences of change.

There are many things we can do and the most important is to create Stillness, so the mind and emotions do not run us. First, we begin with quiet, moving into silence and then the Stillness comes.

One way to do that is to simply sit without distraction and observe your inhalation and exhalation. When thoughts come do not engage them. Just go back to watching your inhalation and exhalation,  focusing your attention on your breathing ~ in and then out, in and then out… relax in the moment of watching your breathing.

You will notice that you become calmer. The system relaxes, your mind relaxes ~ you become more relaxed and present. Awakening comes from being present…not trying to figure out anything…not trying to accomplish anything…just staying present to your breathing.

While there may be one simple answer to Awakening, such as Love Yourself, Pray, Have Faith and on and on…  how one accesses that must be developed for the ultimate unfolding and expansion of Higher Consciousness.

Awakening comes from the Stillness within that reveals that you are okay, everything will work out, solutions become clear, all is well in your world, God dwells within you as you.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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9 thoughts on “Amazing: Just Sit and Breathe

  1. What a wonderful reminder for me to make time for myself – to just sit and breathe. I oftentimes get so caught up in crossing things off my “to do” list, that I fail to remember to take care of me.

  2. Good thing to remember Ahalya, as I sit on the train back to New York from a beautiful and peaceful painting workshop. Funny the surreal feeling… just realized part of it was that I was not holding my breath the whole time. Now looking out at the Hudson River… outside my window. Life is grand. Sigh. Love Greer

    • Great awareness. Feels like the answer to Its a mystery, it’s complicated is simply to breathe. I think so. Now to remember. 🙂 <3

  3. So well stated my friend.
    This world is so very loud and mesmeric at times, one needs this practice and goal of daily stillness to balance, heal, be guided, and surrendered.

    • Thank you, my friend.
      I am grateful that the daily practice of Stillness spills over so that the onslaught of “noise” is not so impactful.
      What a Blessing.

    • Thank you, Devaki. Wonderful to hear from you. Maybe I’ll see you in Idyllwild this year and we can sit and breathe together.

  4. Ah, the gift of stillness! Intellectually we get what it means and it’s value and importance. But when chaos reigns and all hell is breaking out, fiinding silence and acquiring stillness seems impossible if not absurd. We lose sight that we are divine beings and everything is divinely guided in spite of what it may look like. When we are in panic mode or fear mode or control mode, we are unable to hear our divine voice or the voice of divinity.
    Letting go and letting God is the path indeed to silence and the gift of stillness reminding us that we are ok and all will work out in spite of what it may seem or look like.
    Ah, the gift of stillness! Thank you for this important and meaningful article in these times of loudness and clamor.

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