Shamanism and Shaman are pretty mainstream terms now; even overused like the word Guru.  This has happened as Ancient and Ageless teachings have become available for anyone who wants to learn.

This interest and curiosity bring many misconceptions. A Shaman, for example, is someone who has gone through some form of a Rite of Passage and has learned how to easily navigate between ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality for the benefit of others.

A Shamanic Practitioner is someone who has studied Shamanic healing skills in order to grow as a human being and to serve.

There is also a conversation of stealing something meant only for the indigenous peoples. I can understand that, although what the indigenous peoples have cannot be stolen. Shamanism isn’t even a word they may use; however, the principles of Shamanism are theirs ~ secular, ingrained and lived. In our evolution as a humanity it is time for these wise teachings to be shared with the world.

What you gain from Shamanic study is deep and personal if approached correctly. The viewpoint of ourselves and the world changes forever when seen through a Shamanic lens. Perception expands. Intuition heightens. Personal Power increases.

Shamanism is on my mind right now because we are launching a new schedule of Shamanic Courses. The Shamanic perspective is my way of walking through life. It is congruent with all I have studied in Eastern Occult Doctrine, Advanced Metaphysics, and even Human Potential. Once one goes deep it is not difficult to find the common thread of congruence.

Shamanism is very Taoists; it’s concordant with Natural Law and Nature as Teacher. It’s impossible to embrace Shamanism and not experience transformation. Our way of seeing the world, our relationship with it, our way of seeing ourselves and the ability to co-create with compassionate, benevolent allies and Great Spirit is beyond measure.

Life changes for the better because we change for the better ~ we become clearer human beings, we develop our intuitive wisdom, we become more connected to the God of our heart and our Higher Self, we are more empowered and self-expressed.

Shamanism is a dynamic way of seeing, inclusive, individual; it compels and empowers us to contribute as we walk gently and powerfully on Mother Earth.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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