Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

I am smiling.

Pictures don’t lie. A picture is worth a thousand words. Those are statements I grew up with before the technological imprint changed those sayings from long-held truths to absurdities. Except for some experts, we really cannot tell if a photo is authentic or fabrication.

What does hold true is our interpretation of a photo, an image, an experience. If we see it, we believe it is true ~ for us, from our perspective. Then we can consider the phrase, If you believe it you see it. So, the thought goes from seeing is believing to believing is seeing.

What changed?

Nothing except perception. Perception is filtered by bias. Is this Eagle smiling?

Is someone happy, sad, mad or being a jerk because that is what we see? Is someone we love or work with problematic because that is what we see? Is our life not working because of how we see?

Maybe everything is working and we cannot see the larger picture. Maybe everything would work better if we could see differently.

Is the Eagle smiling?

May We All Walk in Beauty.

8 thoughts on “Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

  1. So…it would seem that perception is everything…
    A recent happy example is my mom…instead of thinking that everything has been done TO her (making her a martyr), she has recently adopted the thought that everything was done FOR her (so she now feels grateful)!! What a blessing (for her and for those who love her)!
    Thank you for helping me remember to be mindful of MY perception…xxxooo

    • Thank you so much Jayanti. Good news, indeed! I was just reminded of my own perception as it looks like I am the only one in my family who likes raking leaves. I used to not. Then I remembered how much I like tress. Changed everything about my leave raking experience.
      Working on all the other things now… 😊

  2. Great way to start the week, thank you! Love it. For me, the eagle is observing with a mischievous glint in its eye and smiling on the inside. =)

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