Life Purpose and Mission

Many of us sense that we are born into our lifetime to accomplish something but that something is illusive. Those who are not aware of the possibility of a greater life purpose are likely to feel less than enthused about their life and wonder, what’s the point?  But those who do sense know there is indeed some point even if not yet understood. In that questioning, a seeker is born.

Each human being has a purpose and mission to fulfill. Our purpose is to Know our Inner Self and God, to evolve and grow as a soul expressing our humanness as excellently as possible. Our mission in life is unique for each of us and is the way we fulfill our purpose. So, we could say that our purpose is to become enlightened and our mission is how we express ourselves in a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life will always include being of service.

When a soul comes into a lifetime the soul knows it has a purpose and mission. But we forget so the search or seeking can be frustrating and confusing.

While many people understand that the purpose of a human life is to evolve as soul, they may still not know what their mission is. The whole conversation of life mission can be daunting. Sometimes someone is already living their mission, however, because they do not get that they are, they don’t get the benefit of experiencing the joy of it.

Like looking for your glasses that you don’t realize are sitting on your nose, your mission may be right in front of you.

There is often the tendency to think in terms of a mission being some lofty goal of serving humanity and our planet such as eliminating world hunger or saving the whales or saving the Rain Forests. We can look at great leaders who are affecting the world on a global scale and invalidate our own contribution.

Personal greatness and having a purpose and mission is not about being the best. It is about being the best expression of ourselves.

In reality our greatest contribution to humanity and God is our own evolution as soul and clarity as a human being. Once we understand that, we can go about finding out what we, as an individual, can identify as our contribution, which will be our mission.  That mission could range from being a quality mother to being a great healer. Our mission could be to touch the lives of our family in a significantly positive manner.  It really doesn’t matter as long as it is our mission.

We all have talents and skills that create a unique expression of who we are. Some of those talents and skills we are aware of and some are hidden from us. We also may tend to downplay those skills and talents with the idea that anyone can do that or do it better.

If we consistently hear that we are very intelligent or a great singer or great with people, there is a great possibility that is true about us and that is where to begin looking for our mission.

We come into our life with innate abilities and talents unique to us that are meant for us to succeed. Some of these talents and abilities get overshadowed in growing up and some simply need time to mature. The most important thing to remember when thinking about ourselves is to remember we are talented, we do have skills and abilities. We need to think of ourselves as a talented person first and foremost.  Then we can go about acknowledging the talents we are aware of and seeing what areas we need to work on to bring out other talents and skills we have not yet developed or even recognized.

A talent is a special ability that makes something come easily, naturally and effortlessly. Most likely we use some of our talents in our daily life. Perhaps at our work or with our family and relationships or in hobbies or social situations. Often we can begin to identify our talents by paying attention to what we are interested in or curious about.

I know a woman who discovered she was a good researcher and ended up finding fulfilling and rewarding work in that field. Before she discovered this talent she thought she just liked to surf the internet and read about diverse topics.  Her friends and family relied on her for finding information and she finally realized she had a skill and talent they lacked.

Our innate talents are often invisible to us. We take them for granted as though everyone has them or this skill is just something I do.  But maybe there is someone who wishes they had that talent or could benefit from the contribution of someone with the talent they lack. We all have something to contribute to each other.

We can waste time and invalidate ourselves by comparing ourselves to others. When we do this there will always be someone who is richer, smarter, thinner, better in endless ways of assessing. But that’s like a banana comparing itself to a mango. One is not better than the other and if either tries to be like the other, failure is assured.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have grown up in a supportive atmosphere that encouraged us that we could be anything we wanted to be. And while there is truth in that statement, we still need to investigate the talents and abilities we came into this life with. Actually those talents are enough and more than ample to create a life mission that is rich and rewarding.

I liken this discovering and choosing a mission to cooking or baking. We are all cooks and bakers in one way or another. However, any recipe we choose requires specific ingredients. If we want to make chocolate chip cookies we need among other things, chocolate chips. If we don’t have chocolate chips we may have raisins so we go about making the most amazing oatmeal raisin cookies possible. We need to find our “ingredients.” We don’t need all the ingredients to

make a great recipe and anyone who has done much cooking knows you can substitute one thing for another and come up with something amazing. Like cooking, discovering our mission is a creative process with endless possibilities.

How do we find our purpose and mission? Begin by acknowledging the possibility that each of has something to offer and a unique way of expressing ourselves to experience a fulfilling, joyful life.

No one else can live our spiritual purpose and no one else can live our mission exactly as we do. We have a uniqueness that needs to be expressed in order to fulfill our destiny. We begin to find our purpose and mission by embracing the fact that we have something to offer that can be offered by no one else in exactly the same manner. It is not about competition but about the diversity within humankind. Like an orchestra made up of many components of talent, styles and expressions. The percussion offers us one dynamic. The horns and strings another.

The best sheet music supports the whole process and the conductor guides the synergy of the beautiful musical result. The whole is greater than all the parts. In life, the wholeness of our expression is greater than all the singular parts of us.

When we recognize our talents and abilities and use them in service to our world, be it mankind or our small family we contribute to fulfilling our life’s purpose and living our personal mission.

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