Mr. Yin

I just read the book A Dog’s Purpose: a Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron. Then unexpectedly our favorite four-legged family member, Mr. Yang died. His brother Mr. Yin seems to notice him missing as much as we do.

Experiencing loss gives us the opportunity to consider the contribution made to us, even from a cat. Like most cats, Mr. Yang was independent and assumed his importance in our lives. He was affectionate only when he chose to be. Yet, he won our hearts and made us laugh as we practiced non-attachment to any attention that might not be returned. I will miss his constant reminder to not take things personally.

After reading A Dog’s Purpose, I wondered if Mr. Yang thought he had a purpose or mission. From my perspective, he did and he fulfilled it, even if he wasn’t aware of it. That’s how it works for a lot of us.

I hear from many people that they want to understand what their purpose is and if they have a mission.  Everyone has a mission and purpose

For a long time, I kept missing the signs that I was either doing in part or moving towards my Mission and Purpose It was a great relief to finally understand what a Mission and Purpose is. Once I had that understanding I could see the signs that had been there all along.

If you’re interested to read some thoughts on Mission and Purpose here is something I wrote that is too long for a post. In the meantime, consider who contributes to your life. Consider who and how you contribute and that can give you clues. We all have a Mission and Purpose. It may be closer than you think.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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