Just Being

Chino and Ahalya

I sleep in a room with sixty bears. They’re quiet. I’ve only gotten to know one. He sits about eight inches tall and is mauve in color. His pose seems yogic except when I accidently knock him off his pillow which props against more pillows on my bed. While he’s a prop, a stuffed fluff of a decoration he makes me smile. I even apologize when I find I inadvertently tossed him on the floor.

Perhaps he is reminder that given an opening everyone and everything can contribute to us.

Outside there are three amusing dogs, a tough and gentle old barn cat, exotic looking chickens, incredibly beautiful black and white horses, a scruffy white pony and a miniature donkey named Chino. Chino is a bit like my bear friend, he’s a decoration for this small ranch; the center piece of love. He’s a perfect example of just Being.

That’s his contribution to the world. He’s very good at receiving love. He just takes it in and pours it out. He accepts that he is wanted, valued and cherished. It’s a given with him that he is worthy. Chino seems to know something that most folks don’t. We are meant to receive and give love, in that order. We can’t give what we don’t have.

Chino is a miniature donkey. He’s not an Arabian or even a work horse. While the chickens lay eggs, the dogs guard, the horses carry riders, the barn cat keeps the barn clear, Chino doesn’t do any of those things.  He is simply himself, receiving and giving love.

My mauve bear friend and Chino have given me a gift, each in their own way, unique and valuable, like all of us.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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