Going Deeper

At 4:30 am a few days ago, I was sitting on the back deck watching the full moon.  High above the Sierras it flooded the Carson Valley with light. I thought of the beauty of Nature and of the Planet. I pondered the depth and vastness of Consciousness.  I considered what I know, what I don’t know, and what I don’t know I don’t know.

It occurred to me that we often do not go deep enough in contemplating our place in the world, who we are, or what new choices are possible for us. We tend to superficially grab hold of something we are working on and stop there.

I thought about what my Guru and Lineage have taught me over all these years. I thought of all the Teachers who have shared their wisdom with me; who have given me practices to advance my evolution. Any one of those practices I learned and teach are enough to create a jack up in evolution to Higher Consciousness. The catch is we must do them. Not just once in learning the technique, hit and miss when we feel desperate to make change. If we choose a practice or a contemplation and master it we can go deeper in our self-awareness.

Ours is an information age.  So we gather information, stockpile it for future reference, compare what we have gathered and make decisions about great Truths only experienced at the surface level.

At times we make discoveries about ourselves; and we come to know ourselves better. Knowing ourselves better is the catalyst for our journey of Awakening. Knowing ourselves better allows us to see what is working and not working in our lives. Deepening our self-knowledge causes shifts in our awareness and propels us to the freedom we seek a greater expression of ourselves.

We come to know things about ourselves we had not known before. In this greater wisdom we make wiser choices. As we awaken we come to know ourselves more and realize there is much we don’t know we don’t know. Yet there is peace in understanding ourselves better and we can rejoice in the newfound knowledge, knowing there is more yet to come. Knowing there is more to us, a greatness unfolding; a depth and vastness meant to be known to us. There will always be things we don’t know we don’t know and there is much we can know –  about ourselves. It takes time and paying attention; it’s a journey.

May We All Walk in Beauty

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