Two Inseparable Companions Part II

Grace under pressure is a saying often attributed to someone who, regardless of what is happening, manages to stay calm, think clearly and respond appropriately. That state of consciousness applies well to one who has developed a healthy relationship with their Thinker and Prover.

As we continue to consider the importance of these two friends that are always with us, the Thinker and the Prover, it would be easy to focus our intention on changing every negative, disempowering thought to a positive one.

That won’t work.  For two reasons.  One is we are not even aware of all our thoughts and two it would be so exhausting we would soon give up.

So, what can we do to empower ourselves in this relationship? First is to realize we dance with the Thinker and Prover in a rhythm that either empowers or disempowers us. And to remember we do have choice.

We can pay attention and recognize the disempowering thoughts as we become aware of them and stop embracing them. When we grab hold of a disempowering thought we easily go down our personal rabbit hole, affirming what’s wrong with us or the world and then the Prover goes to work.

Second is to learn how we can avoid being at the control of our thoughts. That comes from a meditation practice. The kind that has us allowing the thoughts to pass by like clouds in the sky, taking our focus off of the thought and back to the breath, or counting, or mantra.

Meditation is a practice of not embracing all the random thoughts that are constantly present whether we are aware of them or not. When folks meditate regularly, they build focus and clarity muscles. They begin to be clearer and respond instead of reacting to life. That is a pretty amazing benefit.

Begin noticing when you are having disempowering (negative) thoughts. As soon as you notice, do something to change directions of where that negative thought can take you. Consider the thought and if you want your Prover to go about proving it. That alone could bring a “Yikes! Maybe that is not the direction I want to go.”

Becoming instantly positive, with no problems, or in a state of bliss is not the point. Recognizing that the mind is going to think, with or without our help, is.

Our job is to choose what we will embrace. Choosing can be easier and faster when we consider that what we choose to think, our Prover will prove. Recognizing the validity of the Thinker and Prover could be the perfect motivator for choosing on what to focus.

May We All Walk in Beauty


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