Two Inseparable Companions


We have two companions that act as a unit, inseparable. Like the wings of a bird, these two companions are the synergistic values that allow the bird to fly. Or we could say, like waves and the calm ocean dance together as one expression of the same whole. These two companions work in tandem, playing off each other to produce a result. They cannot be separated, just as we cannot have a physical life without breath.

Wisdom tells us we all need to make friends with these two companions. They can be our best friend or our greatest adversary.  Our two constant companions are the Thinker and the Prover. We think something and the Prover goes to work proving it.

Consider the impact of the Thinker and the Prover.

Positive thinking helps and is limited because we are not aware of most of our thoughts. We need not be aware of our thoughts the prover is proving. There are many ways to improve our relationship with these two companions to an empowering relationship. The first is to accept they exist. Begin noticing your thoughts. Shifts in awareness automatically cause change within us.

Successfully working with the Thinker and the Prover takes vigilance, paying attention and often Herculean effort. Evolution is Attitudinal Healing ~ becoming a clear human being. It’s a step by step process, like building up weak muscles or changing a bad habit to a good one.

This conversation to be continued next week….

May We All Walk in Beauty



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