Sadness Habit

Wat Phra Kaew ,Bangkok, Thailand

Sadness is our attempt to self-nurture. Yet staying in sadness makes for living a very small life. To be a contribution we have to get ourselves out of the way.  The challenge is that inherent in our memory bank is a child’s wish for mommy to sooth away the hurt and pain. A wise mother knows how to nurture and empower a child’s sadness by getting them to move, to think about something else; she assists them to change their state. This mother is an empowering human being. When we grow up we have to learn how to do that for ourselves.

If we can get the “me” out of the way long enough we can change our momentary state (of feeling/being). Changing our state moves us from sadness to a fulfilled life.

Speaking of how he survived his experience in the Nazi death camps, Victor Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”  I can’t help but think if he can do it in those circumstances we can do it in ours. He survived and flourished by getting himself out of the way. His book, Man’s Search for Meaning is important; the original title in German was, Saying Yes to Life in Spite of Everything….

Sadness is paralyzing, rendering us useless to ourselves and others.  It can also become a habit. Habits can be changed as states can be changed. At times changing our state can take Herculean effort. Yet if we want freedom we must learn to change our state of being. Begin by being grateful.

Changing our sadness (state) into serving is an alchemical act of wisdom and love; it is fueled by gratitude and expressed in serving another.

Gratitude fills the heart so that there is actually something to give to others. And while we may not be saving the whales or feeding the hungry, the Gratitude and Love flowing from each of us makes a contribution to Higher Consciousness and we all are the better for it.

May We All Walk in Beauty.

2 thoughts on “Sadness Habit

  1. Hi Jana ~
    Thank you so much for your comment. My experience tells me that sadness is simply an indicator that we
    want something to be different than it is.
    Something we all face on our journey. 😊 <3

  2. The message in this post is very well-timed for me. Thank you Ahalya. I’m almost out of the sadness habit, but this has reminded me that it is easy for me to revisit this pattern of behaviour.

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