Experience and Enlightenment

There is so much conversation about becoming Enlightened that I think we miss the whole point of living. The purpose of life is to have the ultimate connection to the Infinite, by whatever name we might use. It is equally true that we gain that connection through the simple and ordinary acts of living.

I have this suspicion that life would be easier if one were living a secluded life away from the world without the daily distractions of a householder. I also have this idea that nothing beats what we gain in Self-Awareness as souls and human beings by swimming through the waters of relationship, responsibility and daily distractions.

Perhaps we should just get more simple and ordinary. Be less complicated, less sophisticated, less pontificated.

There is nothing to look for beyond our experience in the moment. What can be gleaned from an experience? Gleaning is what is done after the first material has been gathered. In other words, we have an experience and we decide something about it. However, to get the most from the experience we need to see what is relevant to our greater gain in self-wisdom; go a little deeper than the surface. We need to contemplate the experience in order to clearly understand our role in it.

We can discover how we respond to life or react to it depending on the current level of clarity. The experiences we have are our teachers. What happens is we seem to have an experience we like or dislike and quickly move on from there, never asking ourselves the purpose of that experience in the first place.

Experiences become like the things we acquire; once we finally get some thing we thought we wanted, we move on to wanting something more or different. Instead of experiencing our experiences, we quickly move on. What about if the experience we are having is the winning ticket and all we have to do is decipher the code?

May We All Walk in Beauty.


“If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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