Knowing Ourselves

Wisdom is not how much we know ~ it’s how much we know ourselves. Knowing one’s self is a lifetime journey of Awakening. To Know One’s self is the Teaching of the Great Masters, all the way back to the timeless Vedas.

We bind ourselves through our ignorance; through opinion and judgement, addictions to comfort and complacency. We fool ourselves into thinking if we know more we will be more. So, in this age of information we collect in hopes of leaning “the thing” that will enlighten us.

If all we did is study our own nature that would suffice to carry us out of bondage to spiritual freedom. Noticing our strengths and weaknesses, dropping old ways of being, questioning belief systems, transcending old patterns, developing greater awareness of how we show up in our lives and recognizing what works and what does not work is the path to Higher Consciousness.

When we learn to Know ourselves the walls of separation from others dissolves. We learn to see our reactions, patterns, belief systems as faulty because we come to recognize them as perceptions not born of the Oneness of All.  Knowing means knowing who we are and accepting every part of ourselves without judgment. All parts of us contribute to our Wisdom.

Anything we learn or experience is only valid to the degree that it affects a greater Awakening of Self.  Take one Teaching and contemplate it; see how to use that Teaching in everyday life. Notice how embracing the Wisdom of that Teaching transforms your experience of you and the world in which you live. Personal, direct, subjective experience awakens us to us.

The results of each step of Awakening will show up in your everyday life. It will propel your Evolution to greater clarity as a human being and higher vibration as soul; that direct Knowledge will enhance and empower your contribution to those whose lives you touch. That is what is meant by, “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

May We All Walk in Beauty.

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