Being “Spiritual”

First came the awareness of being a human being having a spiritual experience. Then Wisdom cleared away that concept to the truth of, we are a spiritual being having a human experience.

What does that mean?

The Wholeness of us is as a spiritual being; we are a spiritual being in the human being life school.

It’s like being a university student. You are a person that is having a university student experience. You might call yourself a student, just like we refer to ourselves as mom, dad, artist, banker, human being. Sort of a label of explanation about what we do, what roles we are playing. Even with the usefulness of these descriptive labels we know we are more than that.

There are no separate parts to us that designate one as a human being and one as a spiritual being. We are one being of Wholeness. We are a spiritual being who is having a human experience.

Living a life in the mundane world as a human being is not separate from our innate spirituality. Mundane versus spiritual is a difficult concept to understand and accept because of an incorrect understanding of what being spiritual is.

Being spiritual is not about always being happy, kind, with no challenges or individuality. Nor walking around as a benevolent being that radiates constant goodness, agreement, and approval. No one gets everyone’s agreement, or approval and goodness is a perception of the perceiver.

We cannot not be a spiritual being because that is part and parcel of the package of humanness. That some people are not aware of their innate spiritual nature and have no manifestation of it does not alter the fact that there is a spark of God within. With some folks that spark is deeply buried.

Who you are is who you are, where you’re at is where you’re at, wherever you go, there you are. You are the common denominator in your existence. How we express ourselves as a spiritual being and how we perceive others as spiritual beings is a manifestation of the level of our clarity, of our evolution.

When we think we are only spiritual when meditating or feeling a state of connection to all that is, that creates some kind of separation, often causing doubt since we walk through life feeling very human. We are spiritual beings when eating pizza or meditating, when angry, sad or happy and peaceful.

Who could I possibly be but me? How could I not be a spiritual being? Our journey of Awakening is about coming to experience ourselves as who, indeed we are ~ a spiritual being, learning from our human experience.


May We All Walk in Beauty


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